Friday, January 14, 2011

Training Videos ONLINE

If you went to AverUsa and signed on as a member to the Community, you have access to the training videos. If you did not sign-up, you can still get the videos here:

There are about ten different videos to show you how to do various basic things with your Document Camera.
I plan to spend some time this weekend going through these videos myself. The first one or two that I have viewed were great.
If you think that it would help you learn better to do this in a group, consider getting together with your Block. I will be glad to facilitate, if you need me. I would like to attend these little get-togethers, if my schedule allows, so let me know when/if you meet. (I can also give PD points for sessions, if I am there).
I've discovered that we have some folks who either have experience or are willing to try things out on their own in each grade level, and they are willing to help/share. Seek out these people.
We have ordered longer cords, so that you can get your document camera where you need to have it, in your classroom. Hopefully this will help you work it into the way you already teach.
I will keep adding to this as I find stuff or think of stuff that is helpful. You can scroll down for older stuff and there is also an archive thing on the right for older stuff.

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