Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Stuff I Forgot

When I sent the last Blog in I forgot to add these items... someone asked me about The Hat... and someone else asked about a timer; so here you go...... 

5 Simple timers to use with your projector: count up or count down; some with sound effects.

The Hat: Randomly selects names that you put into the Hat. Will also do partners. 

Stuff You Gotta Try: a cornucopia of STUFF…. This site is amazing. Be sure to check out the Blue LINKS at the top of the page too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

GLOBETRACKER and other fun stuff

This is a website program that I have used intermittently over the last couple of years. It is an interactive story for kids in grades 2-6 that teaches geography skills. The story is different each year. During each weekly episode the two characters, Mary and Geo, report about their adventures of working for their Uncle GT. There are pictures, content reading, vocabulary, clues to consider, and maps. Google Maps applications are used but not required to learn and enjoy.Your class can even vote on which direction the story should take. It also has a Twitter account so kids can track it if they have accounts, or you can track it via your teacher account.
This year's storyline takes the kids through North America. The program runs from October through April, with a review in May. THIS link will take you to the informational page. The Preview Episode is HERE.
If you want to use this program and you think you may need some help, let me know. I will be glad to stop by and give you a hand. 
There are a couple of teacher sites that I use that I have passed along before to various folks. Check them out and see if they would help you: this one is mostly for primary teachers. Lots of cool learning songs. Fourth and fifth graders may enjoy this too.  Tips and deals, coupons and information on stuff for teachers.   Sometimes amazing ideas and online links for teachers trying to integrate technology.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Short Videos

This video is from a site I found this weekend called "The Kid Should See This". It is a collection of videos that kids should see... art, music, science, and just fun stuff. Great for those 'Gap Times'. Take a look and check back often.