Sunday, January 2, 2011

Technology Information for You

At the beginning of the school year, we set up Tech Tuesdays to help teachers learn to use their new tech tools. After the first month or so, it became harder for teachers to attend. We tried doing it on different days; and offering Certification Points, but fewer and fewer folks came. So we went on hiatus for a while. Some staff would like to continue Tech Tuesday in January, and we will do that.
There will still be folks who cannot make those sessions, but they may want to keep up with what is being shared. For those folks, we now have “HMK Tech” online.
The link can be put in your favorites and you can check the Blog when you have time. You can also get a weekly update emailed to you. That reminder will go out on Sundays. You can comment on the blog entries, or use the comments to tell me what you want to learn about.  You can comment with your name or anonymously.
(To add “HMK Tech” to your favorites, click on this link; then go to Bookmarks or Favorites and add it. To join the email reminder list, email

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