Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday's Training/Sharing

The following presentations are on Aver Media’s web site. The first is a series of short videos explaining how to set up and use the Doc.Cam.
This second link goes into detail on how to use the software that you install on your computer that works with the document camera:
Next, Aver has a section of its website that has support for users and it is pretty good. You need to go to the site:  and there is a space to register on the left.
Registration is free. There are lots of videos from how to set the devices up to using the software and providing ideas for using them in class. There is also a Forum that you can look at and/or join to ask questions.
And lastly, this is the series of Lesson Plans using the Doc.Cam.
Lesson Plans from Aver:
Again…this equipment is new and none of us has previous experience with it. Please make the time to share with your colleagues. If you and your Block or even a small group is going to be meeting to share or play… invite others. If you find something that is fun or valuable, email it to me and I will put it on the Blog to share

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