Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HMK Technology Committee

Sorry... I have been really busy the last week or so. Getting grades done and finishing up some last minute hook-ups for document cameras has kept me jumping. I'm hearing that lots of you are using your new equipment; helping each other out, and doing some sharing. Let me know when you want to set up some kind of training or sharing time. The more I think about it the more I think that grade level shares/training might be best.
Let me know what you think.
Until we set up some official times, here is a neat little site that has some interesting ideas for Document Camera uses:
Classrom Use of Document Cameras
...a nicely compiled list of document camera resource sites

The Building Tech Committee will be meeting on Monday. Is there anything you would like us to discuss or deal with? You can comment here or email it to me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Apps For The Little Ones

The UCET Newsletter just came out,  {UCET: Utah Coalition for Educational Technology}, and as always it has lots of interesting resources. This time there was a section on iPod/iPad/iPhone  apps for Preschooler's. It made me think of a friend's exclamation upon getting an iPad for Christmas ~ "I knew I would have to share the iPad with the teenagers. I didn't expect to have to fight the babies for it".
It is amazing how intuitive our little ones are when it comes to technology. If you can't figure it out, give to a kid. For the teachers who are reading this ~ Yep... even in the classroom. If you can't get it to work, ask the kids for suggestions or even ask them to get out of their seat and come and help you. You will be AMAZED!
For those of you who teach our smallest (and their parents and grandparents), and have these hand-held wonders, try downloading a couple of these apps so the little ones are doing something productive when they fight you for it:
(there are also a couple for the older kids at the bottom):

Pre-school APPs for iPad/iPod
Pre-school Lite:  -
Sight Words: Read and Spell (FREE):
ABC Magic Phonics (FREE):
Alphabet Tracing (FREE):
ABC Alphabet Phonics with audio (FREE):
ABC Phonics Sight Words (FREE): Link:
iKids Flash Cards (FREE) – narrated words to read:
ABC Phonics with Animals for iPad (FREE):

Older Kids:
Flash to Pass (FREE): Basic Math flashcards:
Addition Under The Sea Games (FREE):
History Maps of the World (FREE):

Monday, January 17, 2011


I am not sure how kosher this is so I am going to "latent" post this. One of my BloggerBuddies posted this web site on his Blog: - this site is the online version of SMART's Notebook Software. You can either download it or use it as web-based.
This is SMART's Lesson Plan Site: where you can download great lesson. On the load-up page they have such classics as Jeopardy, Morning Calendar, and Wack-a-Mole.

So if I understand this right, I could go to the SMART Lesson Plan site and download a lesson to my computer. Then go to the SMART Notebook site and use that lesson plan, on my computer so that it goes through my projector.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Training Videos ONLINE

If you went to AverUsa and signed on as a member to the Community, you have access to the training videos. If you did not sign-up, you can still get the videos here:

There are about ten different videos to show you how to do various basic things with your Document Camera.
I plan to spend some time this weekend going through these videos myself. The first one or two that I have viewed were great.
If you think that it would help you learn better to do this in a group, consider getting together with your Block. I will be glad to facilitate, if you need me. I would like to attend these little get-togethers, if my schedule allows, so let me know when/if you meet. (I can also give PD points for sessions, if I am there).
I've discovered that we have some folks who either have experience or are willing to try things out on their own in each grade level, and they are willing to help/share. Seek out these people.
We have ordered longer cords, so that you can get your document camera where you need to have it, in your classroom. Hopefully this will help you work it into the way you already teach.
I will keep adding to this as I find stuff or think of stuff that is helpful. You can scroll down for older stuff and there is also an archive thing on the right for older stuff.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday's Training/Sharing

The following presentations are on Aver Media’s web site. The first is a series of short videos explaining how to set up and use the Doc.Cam.
This second link goes into detail on how to use the software that you install on your computer that works with the document camera:
Next, Aver has a section of its website that has support for users and it is pretty good. You need to go to the site:  and there is a space to register on the left.
Registration is free. There are lots of videos from how to set the devices up to using the software and providing ideas for using them in class. There is also a Forum that you can look at and/or join to ask questions.
And lastly, this is the series of Lesson Plans using the Doc.Cam.
Lesson Plans from Aver:
Again…this equipment is new and none of us has previous experience with it. Please make the time to share with your colleagues. If you and your Block or even a small group is going to be meeting to share or play… invite others. If you find something that is fun or valuable, email it to me and I will put it on the Blog to share

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Immediate Thoughts & Ideas

NOTE: In case you didn't get the message/announcement. We will be having a training/sharing in Buffy's Room at 1:00 pm on Monday. Directly before the Faculty Meeting. 

Many of you have opened the box and attempted (and have been successful), in getting your Doc.Cam. working. We have discovered that the DC's can be connected in a couple of different ways.

First, you can use the RGB connector (the one like the connector on the back of your computer monitor) to plug it right into the front wall and it will go directly to your projector. turn it on and "Ta-Da!", it works.

You may also connect it with the USB connector through your computer but the software must be installed. The software gives you a whole set of amazing tools. But you will want more time to play with them.

So... this is one piece of equipment that you will have a bit of choice as to where you would like to use it in your room.
PLEASE share stuff that you are learning about your Doc.Cams. This is a really new piece of equipment that no one has any experience with.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Document Cameras!

Don't you love surprises?
I will be posting here about new things to learn with your Doc.Cams.
In the meantime, go to:
REGISTER on the left.... and have access to lots of sharing and instructional videos......


Monday, January 3, 2011

Tech Tuesday on Monday to be Rescheduled

Because of a scheduling conflict we will do this at a later date. Any suggestions??????

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Technology Information for You

At the beginning of the school year, we set up Tech Tuesdays to help teachers learn to use their new tech tools. After the first month or so, it became harder for teachers to attend. We tried doing it on different days; and offering Certification Points, but fewer and fewer folks came. So we went on hiatus for a while. Some staff would like to continue Tech Tuesday in January, and we will do that.
There will still be folks who cannot make those sessions, but they may want to keep up with what is being shared. For those folks, we now have “HMK Tech” online.
The link can be put in your favorites and you can check the Blog when you have time. You can also get a weekly update emailed to you. That reminder will go out on Sundays. You can comment on the blog entries, or use the comments to tell me what you want to learn about.  You can comment with your name or anonymously.
(To add “HMK Tech” to your favorites, click on this link; then go to Bookmarks or Favorites and add it. To join the email reminder list, email