Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Immediate Thoughts & Ideas

NOTE: In case you didn't get the message/announcement. We will be having a training/sharing in Buffy's Room at 1:00 pm on Monday. Directly before the Faculty Meeting. 

Many of you have opened the box and attempted (and have been successful), in getting your Doc.Cam. working. We have discovered that the DC's can be connected in a couple of different ways.

First, you can use the RGB connector (the one like the connector on the back of your computer monitor) to plug it right into the front wall and it will go directly to your projector. turn it on and "Ta-Da!", it works.

You may also connect it with the USB connector through your computer but the software must be installed. The software gives you a whole set of amazing tools. But you will want more time to play with them.

So... this is one piece of equipment that you will have a bit of choice as to where you would like to use it in your room.
PLEASE share stuff that you are learning about your Doc.Cams. This is a really new piece of equipment that no one has any experience with.

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