Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy October!

Hello... Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.....
Heidi, who writes at “Classroom Freebies too” shared this site this morning:  READWORKS
WOW… it is amazing. Free to print grade level reading passages with Comprehension Questions for before, during, and after reading. There are also unit plans that match the Common Core and even short  instructional  podcasts for teachers on topics such as: how to teach using reading passages and how to teach specific strategies for particular grade levels. I thought they were great reviews for those little things that we sometimes forget to teach.

For those of you who like to teach geography, or used some of the lessons that I posted last year from GLOBETRACKER … the series is starting up again this week. Each week,  two teen heroes post a blog that includes lots of geography skills along with a compelling storyline for elementary students.  Participating students will also help determine the direction storylines will take as they vote each week on what should happen next.
The navigation bar on the right of the page will take you to the current week’s installment. There is also a section for teacher info. You can follow this online, and via Twitter. Google Earth is also used along with lots of maps and pictures. Last year they took a tour of North America. This year’s storyline will be set on the seven continents.
My problem is always finding time for it… but I ended up taking one “read aloud” session for it. That worked well. 

And don’t forget...  we have  MClass training on Monday Oct. 1st, therefore I am not available to do Go Math. The following week is 4th grade JEPD so no Go Math then either. If you have specific questions that you would like answered before the next Go Math session (October 15th) just shoot me an email. I will try to help.

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  1. This looks like a really comprehensive tool- several grade level novels even have units/assessments ready to go. Thanks Linda!