Sunday, September 23, 2012


So last week I talked about getting started with a Personal Learning  Network (PLN). This week I want to share about a piece of PLN’s… SHARING. In order to learn you have to share. I began my sharing by getting ideas from others and then passing  them on. Two weeks ago DeAnn sent out a terrific idea that she discovered and shared it with the staff. It was a simple idea that would help you keep a list of your students with you at all times, at least when you have your key card. I discovered that if I printed a list from SIS, it would give me kid names and their lunch number, and if cut out, would fit perfectly in my key card holder!Pretty cool!
I’m not saying we should all send out an email with the most amazing idea we found this week. But I think we should find a way to share those Awesome ideas that are floating around out there. I often find little gems when I am messing around on the internet or doing some professional reading. It is real easy to send an email of the idea to myself. When I get to school the next day I could print it out and then take if to the downstairs lounge and put it on the bulletin board. Or write it on that giant white board that is just sitting there , all stark and…..white.
Here is a place to start if you don’t have any ideas. Please be advised: these are Pinterest links.  Pinterest can be very addictive and a huge time consumer. Just because it says upper elementary doesn't mean there are not realy cool ideas for primary too!
 Link to AMAZING ideas for classrooms on Pinterest
Have a most excellent week!

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