Sunday, February 3, 2013

How About These for Digital Learning Day?

Wednesday February 6th is DIGITAL LEARNING DAY. Why not try a new way to do something digital in your class? 

TECH TIDBIT: did you know that your wireless mouse and keyboard will work in almost any place in your classroom???? So you could turn on your projector. Find an interactive site and hand the mouse to a kid. Once that kid answers a question or does something on the site, s/he passes the mouse to someone else.

 In addition to the phonics portion of this site… don’t forget it has a great learn to read and a beginning reading section where the books can be read aloud.
Into the Book teaches kids different components of how to process reading ~ synthesizing, summarizing, and questioning, among others. It uses online learning modules for guided practice, then has the students practice their on their own.  Grades 2-4 INTERACTIVES
This site offers a ton of interactives for classroom use and a decent search engine, choose by grade level and subject.
This website has a number of skills practices for grade 3 and up.  Vocabulary, comprehension, analyzing, and proofreading. There are also some audio text that has close exercises, vocabulary, and sequencing activities. 
Looking for that folk tale or campfire story that you just can’t find anywhere else? Try this site.
A bajillion sites here, but easily searchable. Spend some time to find a few to keep as fillers for a few minutes of extra class time or find one to build a lesson around.

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