Saturday, January 26, 2013


I know many of you are Pinners... you have a Pinterest account and invest time in adding to your array of classroom ideas (and other areas). Another resource for teachers is a place called TeachersPayTeachers. This is an online marketplace for teachers to sell their ideas, units, and activities to other teachers. There are a bajillion ideas on TpT and what I like about it is that if I need an idea quickly I can search there and it can spark some ideas. Other times I want a unit, all ready to go and I can find something already made up, it usually costs very little, and it is done very well.
When we went to Core Academy last summer they were pushing the concept of "I Can" statements.. putting the standards and objectives into kid-speak and posting them; then using them at each lesson. I started to make cards that I could post in my classroom. As I started this project I realized how many there were. Then I found some cards that teachers had already done, on TpT. They are great! They are colorful and creative. They are in language that the kids can understand and they were fairly cheap. As we were/are trying to implement 2 new curricula, my time is precious. I really didn't want to spend that much time doing the cards. This was a great time-saver for me.
At various times there are sales at TpT, and many teachers offer free items so you can try out their stuff. They do this, of course, to get you to buy other activities. 

Go check it out. You may find some amazing activities!

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