Sunday, January 13, 2013

OMG... it is snowing again!

Off to a great start for the New Year. We are all tired of the COLD and SNOW, but we need the precipitation, or it is going to be a wicked fire season. So while I am cooped up in my house (y'all know I will not venture forth in the snow, no matter how minor it is, unless absolutely required), I have been looking for some Professional Development for everyone. Some of us need to renew this year and some of us just need a jump start.
Here's the first of my "finds" ~ 
TeachersFirst ok2 ask – Free, online, live sessions for teachers. Pre-registration is required, but FREE! In Grand County you must also clear this with your administrator to get Professional Development credit.
January 24 _ ENERGIZING MATH: description:Discover TeachersFirst 3.0 to energize math in the K-8 classroom. Participants will view and explore resources for lesson planning, student use, and collaboration through Twitter and blogs. A question/answer period will be available to help with individual questions.
Explore some of the many Google goodies and tricks. Learn more about various sites
owned by Google. Explore Super Searching, Google Video Chat, Google Translate,
Google Maps, Google Templates, YouTube in the classroom, Gmail subaccounts, and
more! A question/answer period will be available. REGISTRATION AND INFO:
There are other sessions also. I have done these. They are not difficult to manage and they are pretty good, although each is different. I really like the FREE aspect also.

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