Saturday, May 12, 2012

Professional Development in Our District

Almost the end of the year…
Seems like we all get so busy during the school year that we just don’t have time to do much beyond what we are required to do at school. Last summer I began to learn about Personal Learning Networks or PLN’s. As my PLN grew, I found lots of opportunities for Professional Development online. Some were free and some cost very little. (The last one I did was Virtual Teaching Expo’s Everything’s Intermediate… a four hour course, costing $19.95; before that I was doing a series with Whole Brain Teaching that cost $1.99 per hour).
As we were all frantic to get our portfolio’s done, I asked if we could use these hours. (You get a receipt for the ones that you pay for, and most give you a PD certificate). The Administration in our District has approved these online Professional Development hours under the following conditions:
1. You must get the Professional Development approved by your administrator; and
2. You must be willing to share what you have learned in a faculty meeting, or by other arrangement.
I am willing to pass along what I find online to all of you via our website and I would hope that if any of you find something good, you will share also. (Just shoot me an email about it with the website). I will also be passing along information about other Education Blogs that I find. I am not going to send out a separate email each time that I post. I did that intermittently this year and some folks did not like that practice. So… if you want to keep up with the Blog, bookmark and subscribe to it (At the very bottom of the page); or Follow by Email ~ this will email you when the site is updated, (email will not come from me); or just check it every week or two.
I am also willing to play detective and find stuff for Staff members. If there is something that you need/want to know more about that is educational, or technology based, let me know and I will see what I can find for you.
Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly for all of you!

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