Saturday, May 12, 2012

Online Professional Development

ONLINE Professional Development
In my last post I mentioned that the District will let us do some online professional development. As I did all of mine prior to this decision, the sites and information that I am providing here HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED. If you see something here that you would like to delve into, YOU need to go to your administrator and get it approved for yourself. You cannot just go in and say “This was on the website and I did it” and then expect it to be automatically approved.
That being said…. Here are a few sites that have Professional Development:
The Annenberg Project: This is the first PD site that I ever used. They have some great stuff. It is all Video on Demand, which lets you watch, when you want.  You can also get college credit for a minimal fee.  
Whole Brain Learning: An interesting and different look at teaching and classroom management. I use several of the activities and techniques in my classroom. They use podcast on demand also; and some live feed stuff.
Virtual Teaching Expo: I did this one most recently. They currently have five options, ranging from K-6. The session that I attended was “Everything’s Intermediate” – featuring Interactive Notebooking; Integrating Technology;  Modifying Math Instruction to Increase Student Understanding; and Successful Strategies for English Language Learners. I really liked the Interactive Notebooking session and got some great ideas out of the others. One of the instructor’s presentation style made me insane but I still would have taken the course, if I knew that ahead of time. Their sessions are live on a certain “Launch Date” and then on-demand after that. You can also contact the presenters. If you sign up before the launch date you get a virtual Goodie Bag of handouts and freebies,that are related to the session.

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  1. Here is another PD Source: TeachersFirst--

    These are about an hour. They are LIVE, online sessions. They also archive their stuff but will not issue PD points/certificates for the archived sessions, just the LIVE ones. NO COST.