Saturday, November 19, 2011

Science Videos and other stuff....

The Wild Classroom currently has a video that features Moab on its start page! This site is all about our wild world. It contains both short podcasts and longer videos: ecology-based biology and biodiversity videos and activities. Pretty Cool!
For those of you with an iPad or Touch here is an app with APPS ~KINDERTOWN: An app store for kinder parents or grandparents so you can find REALLY good apps to put on your device for the younger kids that are not just games. Touted to be all educational and reviewed by educators.

Simple Science Videos from Free Tech4 Teachers short, kinda dorky, but memorable songs and videos for science
TENMARKS: an online math supplement for your curriculum: You do need to create an account but it is free. I haven’t checked for ads.

WIRED TO LEARN: This is a CONTEST to win $25,000 for our school. We would need one person to write a 500 word essay on why we need the technology and then get people to vote for our essay. Small schools have won these kinds of contests by utilizing their social network connections of every person in their schools and getting the local news involved… any takers????

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