Sunday, October 2, 2011

Focus on Science

WOW.... I haven't posted for a while... :-) ... guess we've all been kinda busy. 
This week I thought I would search through my bookmarks for SCIENCE Resources for everyone.
BBC – those folks across the pond have some really incredible online resources for their teachers. This one called Science Clips is divided up by age groups so you will have to sift through them. You may find content for 7 year olds that fits into our 5th or sixth grade curriculum. Pretty cool though….
And one more from the UK --

Our own UEN has science interactives also. Third and fourth are on top, scroll down to see fifth and sixth: 

[UEN does not have a K-2 SCIENCE section but has a list of interactives  here:  ]
UEN also sponsors the new version of sci-ber text. Sci-ber text is an online textbook written by Utah Science teachers (quite a while ago). It has content area reading and activities: 3rd – 9th grades
For those who like the original Sciber Text, it is here:

Windows2universe: I just stumbled on to this one. Has lots of “hands-on” activities>
Baltimore County Schools- This site is organized by their grade level standards—a bit different from ours, but LOTS of ideas and resources—you will need some time for this unless you are looking for a specific topic:
Science Spot - I have used this site for years. Lots of really usable stuff. This is the main site: which is directed at Middle School but has lots of good ideas. My favorite section is the KidZone: (which is not linked to the main page)

This site is a list of really old “hands on” activities that have been around for ages. So old, in fact, you can tell some were typed on a typewriter. Most are very solid and classic learning activities.

Have fun and teach some "hands on" science this week! 

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