Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Last Week!

So before we end the year…. Don’t forget to back-up your files and stuff before we re-image everything. The email that Dustin Frandsen sent out this week gives step-by-step directions for saving everything~~ including your FAVORITES files from your browser. If you need help, give a holler to one of our Building Tech Committee members: Bill Godschaulx; Buffy Camps; Johnna Denny: David Lewis; Sarah Henderson; or myself.
I will continue to add stuff to this site throughout the summer and send it out via email for those of you who access at home. Here are two sites that I got in my email this week:
This is one whale of a website for teaching resources. WOW!
Marylyn Western’s Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers:
Stuff you Gotta Try:
Another amazing site: Keep those skills sharp with Digital Flash cards; crosswords; hangman; bug chase and more. Use the pre-made stuff or create your own. 
Study Stack:

Have a fun week!

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