Monday, April 25, 2011

New Sites

So today during the “Write Yourself a Grant” meeting, I was having a side discussion with Theresa Wilson about some new stuff I was trying out and some new websites I had run across. Somebody  asked me for the site also. I keep forgetting to put these sites up. So here goes:
  - this is a site that has FREE educational videos, lessons, and games for K12 kids. Most of the videos are clips. There is virtually something for everyone here.
Khan Academy, ~ this is an amazing site. It is a 1 man (Sal Khan) show. This guy has done tons of instructional videos and exercises in lots of different subject areas. And they are all FREE.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: If you haven’t visited this site for activities in math from pre-K to grade 12, you have missed some wonderful resources. Great for the computer lab or using in class with your projector.
And lastly, for this week… Arcademic SkillBuilders:  This is a great game site for learning math skills/facts; and Geography and Language Arts Skills.
If you happen to be looking for something in particular… let me know. I love trying to find stuff for teachers to use.
Have a great week!

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