Saturday, March 26, 2011

Technology Sharing on Monday

This Monday, March 28th, we will be meeting at 1:00 until 1:50 in room 148 (Grawet) for some technology sharing. The last time we met there was a major conflict in meeting time. So we will meet BEFORE everyone is supposed to be having their Vertical Teaming Meetings.
This time we are hoping lots of people will come prepared to share one thing that they do in their classrooms, no matter how trivial.
I will have the handout available that I gave out for the TA training last time, on how to use the projectors and document cameras.

In case you cannot make it, or you just want to check out something new, try these sites:

Rocks and Weathering from the BBC
Thanks, Richard Byrne!
Or go to their general schools section (if you can figure out their grade levels). LOTS of cool stuff here!
Here is another excellent resource page from across the pond:

Or gearing up for Earth Day or Advertising Comparisons:

The Story of Stuff For older kids:

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