Saturday, February 5, 2011

More GRANT Information

Grants are one way to get money for things in your classroom that you want but there is never going to be money for. Depending on the type of grant and where it is coming from, getting a grant is as easy as simply signing up and telling why you want the money, or they can be lengthy and difficult to even complete the paperwork.

This week SherrieB sent out information regarding two grants. One was for a grant from Target for help in paying for field trips. This is something that would be helpful to most of us because if you try to take a field trip anywhere besides our regularly scheduled field trips with Outdoor Ed or Youth Garden, you must come up with Bus Funding.
The other grant is from Beyond Question and is for a huge "discount grant" on a classroom set of 'clickers' or student response systems. Go here if you don't know about this incredible tool for the classroom. Clicker sets usually cost around $1000.00 but this grant will get you a set for $399.00.
Clicker sets are easy to share within a Block and are amazing to use. If you and your Block have any funds left from Out-Of-Pocket you could each kick in $100.00 and get a set.
Both of these grants are fairly simple to complete.  I have information on both.

I have two other sources for grants that are fairly easy to complete also. The very first entry for this Blog was information on a grant. (you have to scroll to the bottom of the entries). This grants gives teachers money for having a pet in the classroom. I do fish and toads. They are fun. The kids enjoy them and they are not too much trouble.
The other grant source is DonorsChoose. This source is relatively easy to use and you can get a decent amount of money for anything from art supplies for your class, to a gathering rug. I got  MP3 players for the kids to listen to stories and podcasts with. The kids love them.
If you want to try to get a grant and want help... give a shout out.

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